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Tour in Delta Of Parnaiba

The Delta of Parnaiba

The Delta of Parnaíba is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Is located between the states of Maranhão and Piauí taking Parnaíba your gateway. It is a rare natural phenomenon that also occurs in the River Nile, in Africa, and in Me Kong, Vietnam. Its configuration resembles an open hand, where the fingers represent: Tutoia Bar, Cashew Bar, Bar Igaraçu, the Canary Islands and Barra Barra da watermelon, which ramify, forming a grand ecological sanctuary.


photo ( Brasil Vip )


The history of the Delta of starts with the discovery in the sixteenth century by the explorer Nicholas de Rezende while sailing the northeastern coast and crashed on the border of Maranhão and Piauí. He wore a lot of gold in your boat and ended up losing the load in its waters. He remained for more than sixteen here, but could not recover the gold.

The Tremembés Indians were the native inhabitants of this region at that time. They were called “rational fish” because they are expert swimmers. Other browsers have ventured into the waters of the Rio Parnaíba, exploring, raiding and disseminating the beauty and riches of the region. The Overseas Council, Portuguese organ of administrative competence, determined to survey the river to check the feasibility of building a harbor and village.

The predominant activity in Piauí the time, was livestock. The cattle trade was done with traders from neighboring states, using mainly the river and the sea for transportation of goods.

A heavenly place

Water features, wetlands, dunes, lakes, wildlife, rivers and beaches with idyllic landscapes. All this with the sun shining bright all year, this is the scenario that the tourist will find in the Parnaíba Delta, an archipelago of 2,700 square kilometers, comprising more than 70 islands.

The Delta is part of the integrated script tourism Route of Emotions, still formed by Lençóis Maranhenses (MA) and Jericoacoara (EC). An initiative of the Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae) and Ministry of Tourism, which since 2005 has united local leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations with the goal of developing this region. In 2009, the destination was voted Best Tourist map of the country, the Ministry of Tourism.

Tour in Delta Of Parnaiba

The tour begins at the harbor archipelago of Armadillos in the city of Grand Island to 9 miles of Parnaíba, second largest city and capital of Delta state, where every day boats and take tourists to know the ecological sanctuary in the region. The ride in a boat with seating for five people cost from R$ 250.00 (U$ 109,75) and the boat for 60 people cost from R$ 55.00(U$ 24,15) per person.

One of the most popular destinations in the region, the Canary Island, the second largest Delta of second only to the Big Island, home to a village of fishermen with more than 2,500 inhabitants. The island is environmentally protected area, is part of the Marine Extractive Reserve of the Delta and its population is distributed in four towns: Canary, Finch, Bent and Caiçara. There are inns and restaurants and is an ideal place for people interested in ecotourism site. Click here to see the Walk of the Delta Traditional Parnaíba.

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